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Manufacturer of dog leashes and collars


When the dog collar resembles a «jewel» and it highlights your most faithful companion: your dog, it is called O' cabot chic.

O' cabot chic, it is first of all a passion: A great love for the dog since always.

I think this adventure was born with the passion I have for them,
them that accompany our daily life».

It is also the taste of well done craftsmanship, of artistic research, constantly listening to desires and trends to create unique models combining elegance and comfort so that our companion is the most beautiful for his outings.
Here, you poke, you drill, you pupate; a little further, you put on pearls, you work the leather.

O' cabot chic, it is finally the simple story of a passion for our friends the dogs and the taste for the creation, in a constant concern to preserve the «tradition», to tender the ear to hear all the dreams and extravagances of these «companions» more and more faithful...

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